Functional Water

Pınar Functional Beverage Family adds value to your life with the new generation life spring!

Pınar Functional Beverage Product series offer healthy beverage alternatives in glass bottles. Produced with natural spring beverages and does not contain added sugar. It is a vegan certified product.

Pınar Immune Spring supports you with its ginger, Vitamin C and zinc content. One Bottle (250 ml) meets 100% of daily Vitamin C needs and 37.5% of zinc requirements.

Pınar Digest Spring supports digestion with its apricot and high fiber content.

Pınar Beauty Spring supports the preservation of hair, nails, skin beauty and eyesight ability with its aloe vera and grape content. One Bottle (250 ml) meets 37.5% of daily zinc requirements.

Pınar Refresh Spring helps you to provide the energy you need with its kiwi, cucumber, lemon, vitamin B6 and niacin content. One Bottle (250 ml) meets 37.5% of daily vitamin B6 and niacin requirements.

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