270 g

Nutritive Value

Nutritive Value (100 g i)
Energy(kcal/kj) 1067/254
Fat (gr) 10
Carbohydrate (gr) 27
Protein (gr) 14

Pınar Pachanga Borek Rolls

Pınar offers pachanga borek rolls, one of the most favored traditional dishes of Turkish Cuisine, to those who adore this taste. With its crispy taste Pınar Pachanga Borek Rolls is a candidate to being the star of your meals. With sliced pastrami containing the traditional pastrami flavor and with its rich kashar cheese, it is now very easy to prepare pachanga borek rolls. Pachanga Borek Rolls under Pınar guarantee is cooked in only 8-10 minutes.    

Very Tasty: 
It is as tasty as homemade boreks due to its crispy dough and rich filling ingredients.  

Very Practical: 
It is ready in a short time as 8-10 minutes. 

You can Consume Confidently
The ingredients used are within Pınar quality standards. 
It does not contain any preservatives.  
Frozen through the IQF technology it will preserve its freshness and nutritive value as the first day.

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