200 g

Nutritional Value

Average Nutritional information per 100g
Energy (kJ/Kcal) 1408/336 1397/334
Total Fat (g) 16 18
Of which saturates (g) 5 8
Of which trans-fat (g) 0,3 0,5

Carbohydrates (g)

41 36
Fibers (g) 2 2
Of which sugars (g) 0,2 0,4
Protein (g) 7 7
Sodium (mg) 600 500

Pınar İzmir Boyozu

İzmir's famous Boyoz comes to every corner of Turkey with Pınar, breakfasts are cheering up!

What is Boyoz?

Boyoz was brought by Spanish immigrants who settled in Turkey in 1492 and joined to Anatolia, especially to Izmir cuisine. It is a unique flavor in Turkey. Boyoz, which is a classic taste of İzmir, is an inseparable part of the morning breakfast. On the long weekends, the breakfast tables and the afternoon five o’clock tea tables becomes cheerful with boyoz.

What are the features of Pınar Boyoz?

Pınar Boyoz products are rolled by hand tenderly. It does not contain any preservative additives. Due to it is a frozen product, it is suitable to keep. Its crispy crunch structure comes from tahini that we used. Pınar Boyoz is produced by the family who produced boyoz in İzmir by 3 generations with the heritage formula of years.
The packages consist of 4 pieces of boyoz with each of 50 g.

Pınar İzmir Boyozu with Labaneh Cheese version is producing for the first time and meets with the consumers. The flavor of the Labaneh Cheese from the milk is combined with the crispness of the boyoz.

How to prepare Pınar Boyoz at home?

All kind of boyoz products become ready to eat in just 30 minutes.

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