100 g

Nutritional Value

Pınar 3.5% Fat Homogenized Yoghurt Energy and Nutrients (100g)
Energy (kcal/kj) 76,3 / 319,9
Fat (g) 3,5
Carbohydrate (g) 7
Protein (g) 4,2
Calcium (mg) 165(% 20,6 BRD*)
*BRD: Nutrition Reference Value


Five thousand years ago, nature gathered all beneficial nutrients and give as a gift to mankind. In next centuries, the Turks who lived in Central Asia, created milk and yoghurt with their own hands. Famous Scythian Odyssey named as Kutadgu Bilik told the secret of yoghurt. The Ottoman Empire, created a unique flavour with the ancesteral heritage. Yoghurt became an indispensable part of the famous Ottoman Kitchen, and introduced with the Western World in the beginning of 20th century by The Ottoman Empire. For this reason, yoghurt named as "yoghurt" in all around the world as a Turkish word.

Pinar Yoghurt's taste comes from it's delicious milk. Pınar Yoghurt's milk collected from the villages which owns the most tasteful and natural milk. High quality and delicious milk, pass through strict controls. It is produced by keeping original traditional taste in hygienic conditions with no connection with air and hands. Pınar Yoghurt passes through 88 different control until it arrives to your table.

Pınar Natural Yoghurt 1500 g
In every cup of Pınar Yoghurt there is a plentiful great taste of Pinar Milk. 1 kg. Pınar Yoghurt made by 1.9 lt. Pınar Milk. The reason of unique flavour taste and high dense of thickness is this.

  • Natural Yoghurt yeast is added to pasteurised milk and bowls are filled.
  • The filled bowls closed by the lids and waited in the hot cupboards for fermentation.
  • After the fermentation is completed, Yoghurt is cooled 4°C in cold fridges.
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