Since its establishment in 1973, PINAR has positioned itself as a leading brand in the food industry and offers select products for those discerning consumers who are looking for the highest quality.  Over the years, it has produced an extensive range of products to meet growing consumer demand in the dairy, meat and soft drink sectors.  The company closely follows global trends in line with its spectrum of products to maintain its leading market position. In Turkey the PINAR name is known for its innovation in introducing new products to the market.

The parent, Yaşar Holding Food and Beverage Group, operates with over five thousand employees and incorporates the companies of PINAR Dairy, PINAR Meat, Yaşar Birleşik Pazarlama (YBP) , Çamlı Feed Animal Husbandry Co, PINAR Beverages and PINAR Foods gmbH.

In these increasingly competitive times, it is recognized that all companies need to establish strong brands, offer consumers their preferred product choice, generate sustainable profits and open up to international markets.  

However at PINAR, priority has been given to focusing on the needs of the consumer and building confidence in the uncompromising quality of the products. Since the start, the ethos has always been to introduce the products as a source of health, taste and innovation.  Generations have grown up over the years identifying the PINAR name under the Spring of Life concept.  As this Spring has emerged, grown and developed, so too have the three elements of health, taste and innovation, which have stayed at its core.

PINAR has been the first brand in Turkey to focus on the health benefits associated with milk and dairy products.  As the variety of products has increased over the years, the company has stayed true to its core values. Now as it becomes a leading regional player, PINAR sees its key sector products in dairy, meat and beverages, being selected as the consumers’ preferred brand, not just in the domestic market, but also in a range of countries worldwide. The trust in the PINAR name has now spread beyond Turkey’s borders to a wider range of destinations, including Germany and countries in the Middle East and Turkic Republics.

One of the most important criteria of a successful brand is being able to maintain the consistency of the brand identity and to reflect its shared brand values, especially as a company branches out into new activities and looks to diversify into a new range of products. Initially PINAR emerged as a strong brand in the milk and dairy sector. However over time the company has also realized a wide range of accomplishments in other areas of the food industry in Turkey.  These achievements include the development of the first healthy long-life milk, the first ready-to-serve mayonnaise, the first cream cheese, the first frozen meat products, the first packaged turkey products and the first non-returnable bottled drinking beverages.  PINAR has always paid the utmost attention to ensure that each item in its wide product range conforms to the PINAR image, as well as enhancing and preserving the brand in its entirety.  

Now PINAR is recognized for its brand, as the most trusted and highly rated for consumer satisfaction within the dairy, beverages and meat sectors. PINAR also represents Turkey in positioning Turkish products abroad, and participates in the Turquality Project, which has been developed by the Turkish Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade and the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly and Exporters’ Association, to enrich the image of Turkish products globally and to introduce high quality Turkish products to the world stage. 


2020 Awards

Pınar Meat and Pınar Dairy among “Turkey's Most Admired Companies” selected by Capital Magazine

The results of the “Most Admired Companies of The Business World” survey conducted by Capital Magazine for the past 20 years without interruption have been announced. The top 20 most admired companies in the business world and the top 3 most admired companies in their respective sectors were selected according to the results of this year's survey conducted by ZENNA Research and Consulting and sponsored by Deutsche Telekom.

According to the results of the Most Admired Companies of Their Sector in Turkey survey, Pınar Dairy was named the most admired company in the Milk and Dairy Products category and Pınar Meat was selected the most admired company in the Packaged Meat Products category.

The Most Admired Companies of The Business World survey was conducted between September-November 2020 using the online (CAWI) questionnaire technique with the participation of 1,470 directors representing over 600 companies from different sectors. Turkey's most admired companies were determined based on the opinions of all business world representatives, while the most admired companies of their respective sectors were identified by canvassing the opinions of professionals in the relevant sector. The directors who participated in the survey were asked to specify the companies they admired most for both Turkey and their sector by excluding their own company. In the process of determining the most admired companies of their sectors, the results were prepared by ensuring the participation of companies that make up at least 70 percent of the relevant sector.

Good Life Brand Award for Pınar Dairy

The results of the “Good Life Brands” survey, focusing on consumers' lifestyle, consumption habits, and values that redefine and shape good living, were announced at the Sustainable Brands Conference. In the Good Life Brands awards distributed based on the survey carried out by Nielsen Research Company, Pınar Dairy won the award in the Milk and Dairy Products Sector.

Pinar Makes the “Turkey's Most Reputable Organizations and Brands” List

The results of the Turkish Reputation Index Survey, conducted for nine years by Turkey Reputation Academy under the academic supervision of the Department of Statistics of Yıldız Technical University have been announced. According to the results of the survey conducted with the participation of 12 thousand individuals from 72 cities, “Turkey's Most Reputable Organizations and Brands” were determined in 50 different locomotive sectors of Turkey and the Turkish economy. Pınar emerged among the most reputable organizations and brands in the Processed Food and Dairy Products categories.

Pınar Meat receives a B grade from CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) for its Carbon and Water Footprint studies

An international non-profit organization based in London, CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) evaluated companies’ performance in relation to managing the risks posed by climate change and water, taking into account the quality and integrity of the applicant companies' response.

In response to sustainability efforts together with the Global Compact signed by Yaşar Holding in 2007, Pınar Et received Water Footprint ‘B' and Carbon Footprint ‘B-’ rating by the Turkish initiative of the CDP (Carbon Transparency Project) among the applicant companies.

Pınar Meat wins the KALDER “Silver Award for Successful Team of The Year”

The results of the “Successful Team of the Year Award” competition organized by the Turkish Quality Association (KALDER), continuing its activities with the goal of becoming a non-governmental organization that directs sustainable work and quality of life and leads transformation, have been announced. Pınar Meat has received the Silver Award in the KALDER Successful Team of The Year 2020 Awards for its “Life without Carbon” Project.

Environmental Award from EBSO goes to Pınar Meat

Pınar Meat has received Third Prize for its Setting Goals and Conducting Activities to Calculate and Mitigate Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint Project in the EBSO Environmental Awards Ceremony, organized for 12 years by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) in order to encourage and reward industrial facilities and industrial zones that conduct positive and successful environmental work.

Pınar Water and Beverage ranked in the top 3 in the Non-carbonated Beverage category among the “Beverage Brands That Have Increased Their Reputation The Most”

Pınar Water and Beverage was also featured in “The One Awards Integrated Marketing Awards” organized based on the “Reputation and Brand Value Performance Measurement” survey conducted by Marketing Turkey Magazine, the leading marketing platform of Turkey, and Akadametre, a market research company.

As a result of the field research based on face-to-face interviews with 1,200 individuals from 12 cities in over 50 categories for the "Reputation and Brand Value Performance Measurement” survey, Pınar Water and Beverage became one of the top three brands in the sector to have increased its reputation the most during the year in the Non-carbonated Beverage category.

Pınar Water and Beverage among companies awarded in the field of Food & Beverage by LUX Life Magazine in the UK in 2019

Pınar Water and Beverage was awarded in the event held by UK-based LUX Life Magazine to honor the most outstanding initiatives and businesses from around the world, judged according to the achievements and values of each candidate. On the platform where the skills and quality of existing services are evaluated by taking into account wider market reputation, Pınar Water and Beverage was awarded the “Recognized Leaders in The Packaging and Distribution of Natural Spring Water 2019 - Turkey” award in the “Food&Beverage” category in 2019.

The “Pioneers of Agriculture” Award goes to Pınar Institute

The Future of Our Milk Is In Conscious Hands project, carried out by Pınar Institute since 2014, was awarded the “Pioneers of Agriculture Award” at the Future of Agriculture and Forestry Summit organized to contribute to the roadmap of Turkish agriculture.

Pınar Dairy makes the “Turkey's Top 250 Companies by R&D Spending” list

Pınar has ranked among the top 100 in the “R&D 250, Turkey's Top 250 Companies by R&D Spending” survey conducted by Turkishtime Turkey (Economy and Business Culture Portal).

2019 Awards

Honorary Award to Selçuk Yaşar at the IDF World Dairy Summit

At the World Dairy Summit, organized for the first time in Turkey by the International Dairy Federation (IDF), Pınar Milk Founder and Yaşar Holding Honorary President Selçuk Yaşar was deemed worthy to receive the "Honorary Award" with his contributions in the establishment and development of the dairy sector in Turkey.

Turkey's Most Favorite Companies Award

Pınar Milk was listed as the “Most Favorite Company” under the “Milk and Dairy Products” category again this year in the “Most Favorite Business Establishments” research conducted by Zenna Research and Consultancy, under the leadership of Capital Journal. In the same research, Pınar Beverages and Beverages was the second most favorite company under the "Soft Drinks" category.

Reputation Award Granted to Pınar Milk

According to the results of "RepMan Turkey Reputation League", the largest and most extensive reputation management research conducted in Turkey by Repman ve Zenna Consultancy, Pınar Milk was awarded with the RepMan Turkey Reputation League success prize.

Outstanding Taste Award from Europe to Pınar Plain Kefir 

Pınar Plain Kefir won the Superior Taste Award at the ceremony organized by the International Taste Institute in Belgium, with an election made by the jury, including Michelin star chefs and sommeliers.

2019 Gulfood Innovation Award for Pınar Choco Labneh

Pınar, being the leading food brand in Turkey, as well as the in Gulf and the Middle East countries, received the 2019 Gulfood Innovation Award in the "Most Innovative Dairy Products" category at the Gulfood 2019 Fair with its product Pınar Choco Labneh developed to appeal to the taste buds and eating habits of the region.

Pınar Beverages and Beverage to Receive Reputation Award 

Pınar Beverages and Beverages was included in the top 3 in the non-carbonated beverages category of “The ONE Awards - Integrated Marketing Awards” organized based on the the "Reputation and Brand Value Performance Measurement" research conducted by the Marketing Türkiye Journal in collaboration with Akademetre Research Company in 2019.

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