100 g

Nutritional Value

Nutritional Information for 100 g for 1 box of product (strain weight: 80 g) for 1 box of products RI*
Energy (kcal/kj) 516/122 413/98 5%
Fat / (g) 2 1,6 2%
-Saturated fat (g) 0,35 0,28 1%
-Trans fat (g) 0,01 0,008 -
Carbohydrate (g) 0 0 0%
-Sugers (g): 0 0 0%
Protein (g) 26 21 42%
Salt (g) 0,2 0,16 3%

* Reference intake (RI) for an average adult (8400 kj/2000 calorie).


Pınar Canned Turkey Filets

Another first form Pınar: Pınar Canned Turkey Filets

Pınar Turkey, gets an A+ for its taste!

In the fast pace of life, the need for a practical but at the same time healthy diet is increasing day by day.

A New Flavor from Pınar!

Ready-to-eat cooked turkey meat is offered to you, our dear consumers, with Pınar Canned Turkey Fillets, for the first time in Turkey. Canned turkey produced from specially bred fatling turkeys grown in Pınar Meat Farms is ready to meet you in 120-gram single and 240-gram double packs. One Pınar Canned Turkey Fillets 120-gram package contains 80 grams of turkey meat. Pınar Turkey Fillets is an important complement to a healthy diet with its high protein and low-fat content. An adult can meet 42% of their daily protein need with Pınar Turkey Fillet Canned 120 g. Moreover, with only 5% of their daily calorie intake. A box of Pınar Turkey Fillet is only 98 calories. This is amazing, don't you think?

Pınar Turkey Fillet 120 g preserves its taste thanks to the soft turkey meat, which is indispensable in practical recipes, and its own juice released while cooking. Moreover, this turkey stock is beneficial in both healthy eating and flavoring meals.

Pınar Turkey Fillet and many more recipes, can be found on Pınar Lezzet Fikirleri  YouTube channel and website.

Why should we consume Turkey Meat?

  • Turkey meat stands out as a healthy type of white meat due to its nutritional value. In addition, turkey meat is the right choice for a healthy diet, as it is low in calories, high in protein, rich in zinc, low in saturated fat and total fat.
  • It is a rich source of zinc mineral, which supports the immune system, provides healing of wounds and plays an important role in the body's digestion of fat, protein and carbohydrates.
  • Furthermore, turkey meat is an important source of B3, calcium, potassium and phosphorus minerals.
  • Turkey meat protein is a full quality protein. Consuming full quality proteins are especially necessary for grow.
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