100 ml

Nutritional Value

Fat Milk
Nutritional Values for 100 ml
Energy (kcal/kj) 45,1 / 190
Fat (g) 1,5
Carbohydrate (g) 4,9
Protein (g) 3
Calcium (mg) 125 (%15,6 BRD)

Semi-Skimmed Milk

It is the main source of calcium, which is the key element for the development of the bones and shaping of the body. Pınar Milk has used the UHT technology in Turkey for the first time to ensure, that more people can buy milk and its life-cycle can be prolonged under hygienic conditions. The process of UHT is the technology, which increases the life-cycle of milk from days to months. With this technology, Pınar has been working on the distribution of milk and dairy products to the consumers at the taste and freshness of the first day for years. Pınar Milk collects the most qualitative milks for you, from the modern farms of Anatolia under the control of expert veterinarians.

Pınar Milk packs the milk without loosing its initial freshness, its nutritional value and vitamins in production sites with advanced technology in a way not to contain any air in it. With the UHT technology, the milk is kept for 2-6 seconds at 135-150 degrees to purify it from any micro-organisms, that might taint the milk and then packed aseptically. Pınar Milk does not contain any additives; It is durable and 100% natural thanks to the high technology and the special packaging system used. Pınar Milk controlled 132 times in total in each phase by a team of experts can be kept and stored without cooling.

Milk meticulously collected from farms are cooled the collection and cooling centres. They are delivered to our plant, maintaining the cold chain by special tankers. When they reach the plant, separate analyses are made at each tanker orifice by experienced laboratory personnel in the modern milk acceptance laboratories of Pınar Milk using methods approved by AOAC, FDA and TSE. Milks that are in compliance with the standards of Pınar Milk are accepted and are received into the raw milk silos. Again separate analyses are made at each raw milk silo and immediately after this, standardisation, pasteurisation and cooling processes are carried out. The milk stored temporarily after pasteurisation and cooling are analysed by experienced laboratory personnel in the modern milk acceptance laboratories of Pınar Milk using methods approved by AOAC, FDA and TSE. Now the milk is ready for the UHT process and aseptic packaging follows this.”

“The fat ratio in Pınar Milk is higher than that of its competitors and that given by the TSE; thus, it supports its quality and expertise by its taste.”

“The fat does not accumulate at the top since it is homogenised.”

“To many healthy generations with Pınar Milk, the milk which you will never drink enough, the milk with the same taste in each box...”

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