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Pınar Spring Beverages was the first packaged beverages brand in Turkey to receive the local TSE quality assurance certificate, and then to be quality certified by the American National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

Pınar Spring Beverages is a still mineral beverages, with a natural composition and balance of minerals that has been meticulously preserved during the production process.  It is bottled in Pınar Beverages’s modern plant, known for its quality infrastructure and technologically advanced production lines, where the latest global advances are constantly being implemented.

The bottles are filled in sealed, filling rooms where the air is constantly cleaned. At each stage of the process, the spring beverages undergoes testing (physical, chemical and microbiological) to ensure that the journey from spring source to bottle, bottle to drinking glass, is hygienic and fully automated. 

The assured quality of Pınar Spring Beverages is such that it can be given to babies to drink without prior boiling.

With its widespread distributor network and trained service personnel, Pınar Beverages Group provides a quality, speedy and trustworthy service to all its customers.
Orders for beverages can be placed in just 10 seconds via the Pınar Beverages communication routes.
The beverages ordering service operates seven days a week.  Orders can be placed even on   Sundays. 

Beverages delivery is made by the distributor nearest to the consumer’s location. This ensures that every order, received via the Pınar Beverages communication route, will be delivered quickly.

Everyone who places orders via the Pınar Beverages communication rooute, will have the opportunity to participate in Pınar Beverages’s periodic promotional campaigns.



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