Pınar Protein Milk

Contains 70%* more protein.  

*In 100 ml of the enriched milk there is 3 gr. of protein. After Pınar Protein Milk has been enriched with protein, it contains 70% more protein. 


Contains 26 gr. of PROTEIN and 250 Calories.

What is Protein?

Proteins are vital components in the human body that builds, repairs muscle mass and enables growth and bone development. Proteins obtained from food are separated during digestion into amino acids that build up the proteins. The amino acids obtained come together in the human body in such a way that creates a new protein tissue.  A healthy way of living in all stages of life such as growth, adolescence, adulthood or elderliness is regulated by the protein tissue that make up the muscles.    

Into how many groups are foods with protein separated?

Food, depending on the amino acids found in the structure of the proteins food possess, are classified as food containing high and full quality proteins and proteins of poor quality. Milk, meat, chicken, fish and egg that are usually animal sources of proteins are high quality food. The proteins found in these kinds of food can turn into 100% protein tissue in the human body. In fact the quality of proteins further increases when some legumes and cereals are consumed together with these kinds of food.

What is the protein requirement of an adult?

Protein requirement of an adult (above age 18) is 0.8 grams per 1 kg of body weight per day. For instance, the requirement of a person who weighs 70 kg is 56 grams per day. This value is the ‘optimum’ amount for growth or development and for the regulation of the entire health. 

How much protein should people engaged in sports eat?

  • For athletes, protein is very important for building and developing muscle mass.
  • In order for the protein to be used in the building up of muscle mass, the athlete requires a diet containing an adequate amount of carbohydrates.
  • Otherwise, the proteins will be used up not for building muscle mass, but for helping the carbohydrates that are insufficient in providing energy.
  • The required protein amount for those engaged in sports varies according to the type of sports performed, its duration and level.
  • Calculated as an example, the required protein amounts for men weighing an average of 70 kg and for women weighing an average of 55 kg (above age 18) who do sports are provided in the table below.

Protein requirement according to the type of sports

  Recommended Protein Amount Per Day Calculated As an Example
Men (70 kg) Women (55 kg)
Adult 0.8 g of protein is required per 1 kg body weight 56 g 44 g
Strength Sports : Power, resistance or speed  (weightlifting, shot put, hammer throw, athletics, sprint, swimming etc.) 1.7 – 1.8 g of protein is required per 1 kg body weight 119-126 g 94-99 g
Endurance Sports : endurance and durability (long distance running, swimming, pedaling etc.) 1.2 – 1.4 g of protein is required per 1 kg body weight 84-98 g 66-77 g

What are the properties of “Pınar Protein” lactose free milk?

Pınar Protein lactose free milk is a kind of milk whose “Nutritive Score” is high. Having a high Nutritive Score means; the energy value one portion of food provides is low, but the amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals it provides is high. In other words, when one glass of milk (250 mL) is drunk, the lowest amount of calories but the most qualitative proteins, vitamins and minerals are sufficiently provided for the body. This is very important for a calorie controlled, balanced and adequate plan of diet.

Varieties of Pınar Protein lactose free milk are enriched with whey and casein proteins, which are special natural milk proteins, as well as B1, B3, B6 and B12 vitamins and L-carnitine. Milk is already a rich source for B2 vitamin. The percentages of the daily requirements of our body being fulfilled by Pınar Protein lactose free milk can be seen in the following graph.


Percentages of the vitamins found in enriched milk and Pınar protein lactose free milk varieties fulfilling the requirements of an adult.

Why is the protein of “Pınar Protein” lactose free milk stronger?

  • One glass (250 mL) of Pınar Protein milk meets approximately ¼ ‘th or 25% of the daily protein requirement.
  • Pınar Protein, with the amount of proteins that milk naturally contains being increased, is a kind of milk whose protein content is fortified by whey and casein proteins.  
  • Casein and whey proteins regulate energy being obtained from food within the body.
  • This way body weight and composition is balanced.
  • Whey proteins play a significant role in especially the repairing of damaged muscles, in keeping muscle mass healthy and in the development of the muscles.
  • At the same time whey proteins have a reducing effect on the harms caused by excess oxygen.
  • Muscle mass being repaired is particularly important for persons engaged in sports.
  • Pınar Protein through its rich protein content is an effective food product on the sports performance of athletes. 
  • Pınar Protein, enriched with the natural proteins of milk, do not create overload in the liver and kidneys. 

Why was “Pınar Protein” lactose free milk fortified with vitamins?

  • The need for B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 vitamins increase especially when doing sports, because these vitamins play a role in energy providing systems. In their absence adequate energy cannot be produced in our body.
  • Pınar Protein is already a natural source for B2 vitamin. Due to being enriched with other vitamins also, it is appropriate to be consumed at times when the requirements are greater.
  • Also, in order for the proteins obtained through food to fulfill their task within the body in the best possible way, the diet must be adequate in terms of these vitamins. Pınar Protein, with both its strong protein and strong vitamin combination, is a complete dietary supplement. 

Is “Pınar Protein” lactose free milk a good antioxidant?

  • Pınar Protein lactose free milk has been enriched with L-carnitine.
  • L-carnitine has an antioxidant effect on the harmful compounds that enter our body and causes them to be driven out of the body. It creates an anti-aging effect in the body. 
  • L-carnitine plays a role in the production of energy from the carbohydrates and fats within the body.
  • L-carnitin is produced in the body in healthy individuals at an adequate level and in required amounts. But in some conditions this produced amount will not be sufficient.
  • From time to time L-carnitine deficiency can be seen in persons engaged in sports.
  • Pınar Protein is an ideal nutrient in eliminating this deficiency, because the absorption in the body of L-carnitine, found in pills sold with the purposes of getting rid of this deficiency, is low. There is a higher rate of utilization within the body of the forms found in food.
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