390 g

Nutritional Value

Nutritional Information 100 g
Energy(kcal/kj) 1120/270
Fat (gr) 22
Carbohydrate (gr) 6
Protein (gr) 12

Inegol Meatballs

The recipe for these legendary meatballs was said to have been brought to Turkey by the Balkan Turks migrating to the Inegol district of Bursa at the beginning of the 1900’s and who have passed down the meatball tradition from generation to generation over the last 110 years. 

The delicious taste of Pınar Inegol Meatballs comes from the blend of lamb and beef, mixed together with a judicious amount of spices.  The meatballs are produced without any additives. Thanks to this product, you can now eat tasty meatballs which adhere to the original recipe, are ready for serving in 8 minutes, and which are as highly recommended as those original meatballs in Inegol.

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