100 ml

Nutritional Value

In 100 ml Nutrition values With Cacao With Strawberry With banana
Energy (kcal/kj) 268,6 / 63,7 239,9 / 56,8 251,8 / 59,6
Fat (g) 1,7 1,2 1,2
Carbohydrate (g) 9,3 8,7 9,4
Protein (g) 2,8 2,8 2,8
Calcium (mg) 120 (%15 BRD) 138 (%17,3 BRD) 125 (%15,6 BRD)

Pınar Kido Milk

The KIDO series, aimed at making children love milk and developing the habit of consuming milk and dairy products, features Turkey's first real fruit flavored milks. It is produced from natural cocoa and depending on its type, with real banana and strawberry. KIDO, a healthy and nutritious product that mothers can safely give to their children, is a source of energy and calcium for them. Kido Plain, the last member of Vitamin-D fortified Kido Family, joins them in supporting the healthy development of children.

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