Our Vision For The Environment

Utmost care is given to the use of environmental-friendly material and technology in new designed products, which are based on the approach of environment and sustainability, so that recyclable packages are preferred.

While continues its production activities, Pınar shows ultimate attention to the protection of the environment, to the efficient use of natural resources, to the prevention of pollution, to the reduction of waste, to the saving on the consummated water and energy, to continues renewal and development and to conforming to all regulations, laws and procedures related to the environment.

At the Pınar Süt  factories, the TS EN ISO 14001 Environment Management System is being used to protect the environment and minimise the damage given to the environment. For this purpose, Pınar has determined its performance criteria for the environment, created its plans for improvement and developed its targets. According to the environment management system, the inventory of impact on the environment in all units has been issued, so that the level of impact on the environment has been determined according to such inventories and the environment impact logs have been created. Further with the supplier evaluation system set up, the environment management systems and operations of the suppliers are graded. Pınar realises improvement works regarding the reduction of source consumption within the frame of its environment action plans and programs, which are created at the beginning of every year and followed up throughout the year.

98% of product packaging used by Pınar consisted of recyclable material.
For the purpose of saving on energy and reducing pollution, Pınar analyses primarily the values on the waste of energy and pollution in its production revision works. The water used in recyclable substances and production is being used during the recycling process after having undergone laboratory analysis. The rate of waste water, which is one of the most important parameters in terms of its impact on the environment has been reduced by 15,75% as a result of the projects realised.

Cooperation with ÇEVKO
Within the frame of the Regulations Related To The Control Of Packaging Wastes, Pınar cooperates on a contract base with ÇEVKO, Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recovery and Recycling Trust, which is the organisation authorised by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. ÇEVKO develops cooperation with local administrations and licensed companies for the collection of packaging wastes brought to market at the source of waste in the name of Pınar. In line with the regulations related to the control of packaging waste, the rate of packaging collected from the market was 39% in 2009.

Pınar's Quality Philosophy
Pınar’s understanding of quality is built on the foundation of meeting the requirements of consumers for qualitative and secure good and to make them feel good. Pınar is not contend with just offering its consumers qualitative and secure products. It aims to conform such products to the social life conditions of its target group and to meet their different expectations of health in each stage of their life. In this context, Pınar reaches its consumers with more than 200 products of different package and weight. With reference to offering secure food to consumers, Pınar has been conducting Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points applications since 1998 within the scope of the "ISO 22000 Food Security Management System" since 2007.

Within the scope of its quality works, Pınar has passed over to the ISO 9001:2008 version of the Quality Management System to implement process management. With reference to the provision of food reliability, it benefits from contemporary techniques such as Good Manufacturing Process and Good Laboratory Process applications.In line with its plans on Food Security System, Pınar provides primarily the employees and resources, which are required for secure food. It has completed the Food Security Trainings of its main teams for food security and its supporting staff as well as all its employees.

Lean Six Sigma Projects:
At Pınar, significant cost advantages have been provided with the Six Sigma Projects since 2007, with OCI (Operational Cost Improvement) system, launched in 1999 and the Improvement Team Meetings realised in 1987.

Pınar Communication Center
The Pınar Communication Center takes feed-back such as claims, suggestions, information and thanks coming in from consumers by phone, e-mail, fax, letter and information sharing channels, records them, follows up and finds solutions. The Pınar Communication Center has been restructure at the end of 2009 to reach consumers in a short time and to find solutions for their problems and to increase customer satisfaction.

With the restructuring, the calls of consumers can be answered on a 7x24 basis. Further, in the new system, the number 444 7627 allows consumers to reach the Pınar Communication Center from anywhere in Turkey without dialling the area code and by using their fix or mobile line. Pınar aims to increase its service quality with the Customer Satisfaction survey to be realized in 2010. Works on the evaluation of the customer feed-backs obtained from surveys of the Pınar Communication Center, the reflection thereof into the processes and the improvement of the processes have been started.

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