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Yaşar Holding Food and Beverage Group, a pioneer of the Turkish food industry continues its works in making Pınar a regional power within the frame of the ideal opinion of the community. Even if industrial products based on agriculture have not reached the levels requested due to restrictions brought by primarily countries of the European Union and by world markets for products manufactured in Turkey, it leads the Middle Eastern market with Pınar Labaneh. On top of the countries to which Pınar Süt  exports is Kuwait, Bahrain, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia. In such countries, Pınar is known, preferred and has a high market share in the industry of dairy products.

Among the reasons of this success are beside quality of Pınar branded products, the works on product development, which conforms to the taste of the region and the importance given to exports by the Yaşar Group. In such countries, the relationship between the consumers and brand has been established to be based on trust as here. So that the marketing activities carried out in the region reinforces this success. Pınar’s association in foreign markets is not much different than that of in Turkey. Pınar is being consumed in abroad as a tasteful, healthy product and a reliable brand. Especially in the countries of the Gulf, the fact, that Pınar is a Turkish brand, turns it to an advantage.

Yaşar Community boosts its activities to expand its product range to be offered to markets of such countries in the future. The Group, which continues sophisticatedly the search for new markets with a potential of exports for all its products, realises 40% of the export of its milk and dairy products manufactured in Turkey alone.

Further, Pınar branded products manufactured in Germany through Pınar Foods GmbH established in Frankfurt, find utmost interest of our citizens living in Europe. The sales organisation of Pınar Foods GmbH makes it possible to bring dairy products and natural spring waters to consumers, who look for Pınar brand.

Following Pınar Foods GmbH, HDF FZCO was set up in 2000 in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai with the mission of making the Pınar name a well-known regional brand synonymous with quality and reliability throughout the Middle East as well as in Gulf countries. Thanks to intensive and effective marketing efforts, Pınar has earned an outstanding reputation for superior quality and it achieved a high level of recognizability in the region.

Pınar Su plays an important role in the foreign trade vision of Turkey. Pınar Su was being exported to across the world even at those periods, where there were shortages in the exports of basic food products. Pınar Su, currently realising more than 50% of the exports of Turkey in the field of spring water, is a brand preferred by consumers in many countries starting from the USA to Singapore.

Pınar Su (Water) is one of the top five brands, which exports most to the European Union in the fizzles water industry. Thousands of containers filled with water have been exported to Europe from the İzmir port to two ports of Germany. Pınar Su completed its harmonisation process to EU norms years ago. And in line with the standards in the regulations, it is being sold ready to all developments, which may be seen in European countries. With this status, Pınar Su has become one of the most important brands of Europe.


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