Our HR Vision

Our HR Vision

Pınar gives utmost importance in human resources. This is why it has become the architect of many “firsts” and success within such a short period.

Also the philosophy in Pınar's evaluation of group-internal human resources, which continues its leadership in every field competing by offering products of decent quality and taste, is the same: Human being comes first.

We can summarize Pınar's aims for human resources as follows:

  • To work continuously with qualified human resources, who have the competency of Yaşar.
  • To expand the competency-based human resources management system (performance evaluation, potential determination, carrier planning, organisational backup applications) across all employees,
  • To make the employees feel, that they are part of a family and valuable,
  • To encourage the employees with diverse incentives to criticize the system and to bring forward proposals in order to improve it,
  • To enable employees to improve their competencies in reaching excellent performance with continuous trainings and by creating a learning organization culture.

Quality Circles, Self Managed Teams and Cost Improvement System are some of the human resources applications, which provide the interaction of employees.

All these works are supported in the determination of strong and open-to-improvement areas on the way towards quality and by self-evaluation works in which the excellency model is used for the realisation of appropriate actions. Intensive training investments are made into the employees of Pınar.

Your filled in application form will be added to our application data bank to be evaluated for all open positions at the Yaşar Group companies.

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