Management Systems Policy Of Pinar Süt (Pinar Milk)

As Pınar Süt Mamulleri Sanayi A.Ş. (Pınar Dairy Products Industry Inc. Co.), producing Milk and Milk Products, Powdered Products, Sauce Group Products and Fruit Juices, our main target is to produce high quality and safe products and to grow to become a world brand as well as increasing our profit and efficiency.

To this end, as Pınar Süt, we commit:

• To ensure customer satisfaction by producing products that meet the expectations of our customers within the framework of the management systems that we have established, legislations and ethic codes,

• To inform and raise the awareness of our employees and all other stakeholders by using training and communication channels,

• To determine beforehand our impacts on the products, the environment and our employees and to carry out studies to eliminate or minimise probable risks by carrying out risk assessment studies in our products and processes with respect to food safety, environment, work safety and energy management systems,

• To prevent contamination at the source by using methods that minimise the use of natural resources, and to make studies to reduce and recover wastes,

• To use in our processes products and services that have high energy efficiency starting at the design stage, to develop projects that decrease energy consumption and to increase energy efficiency by investigating alternative resources,

• To evaluate the effectiveness of our management systems and the targets and programs that constitute such systems by regular reviews and to conduct the necessary studies for continuous improvement in line with the principle of sustainability.


Our fundamental policy is:

• To ensure food safety,

• To comply with the legislations concerning our activity fields,

• To ensure customer satisfaction,

• To present our products at the most suitable value, by managing our processes through approaches according to effective, efficient, innovative and sustainable development,

• As an establishment of Yaşar Holding, which has signed the Global Principles Convention, to dignify the human and the environment and to use natural resources efficiently by implementing practices that decrease carbon release originating from activities,

• To analyse, to assess and to manage with suitable preventive measures the risks concerning food safety, environment, and work health and safety with respect to our activities,

• To raise the awareness of our employees concerning the requirements of our Integrated Management System and to ensure that they contribute to the development of this system,

• To rapidly, reliably and accurately conduct the analysis requests made to our laboratory from internal and external customers, with an independent, impartial approach that focuses on information confidentiality,

• To continuously improve of our processes, complying with the requirements of the standards of the Quality, Food, Work Health and Safety, Environment and Energy Management Systems, and the identify targets accordingly and to provide the necessary sources.

• As we carry out our activities, to analyse energy consumptions and to control them through related monitoring and measurement systems, and to develop projects for energy efficiency to reduce them, and to conduct studies to reduce the consumption of natural resources by investigating alternative energy sources.


As Pınar Su bottles and presents to consumers the pure spring beverages, obtained from nature, meticulously without any treatment, it aims in all its activities to control the impacts on “Customer Satisfaction”, “Quality”, “Food Safety”, “Environment” and “Work Health and Safety” as an integral part of its work and production methods, and to ensure continuous improvement and development in all these management systems.

Our target is to increase the value of our brand and to become a world brand, and our most important principle is to ensure that our customers consume our products safely and healthily.

Pınar Su, focusing on customer satisfaction, operational perfection, human resources, awareness of sustainable environment and ethical values:

• Tries to establish in its employees and in the society the awareness of customer satisfaction, quality, food safety, environment, energy, work health and safety through training and informing activities in the light of the Science, Unity, Success torch,

• Rapidly perceives customer needs for a better life,

• Handles complaints through a customer focused, transparent and objective approach, using its technology, infrastructure and human resources for all kinds of customer feedback,

• With its participatory management approach, gives importance to human resources, customer perception and the improvement of suppliers,

• Monitors and conducts the legal and other liabilities concerning customer satisfaction, quality, food safety, environment, energy, work health and safety and the requirements of the organisations which it is a member of,

• When deciding for an investment, chooses customer-focused equipment and technology, based on environment and energy efficiency and suitable for work health and safety,

• Chooses the most suitable product with respect to energy efficiency and supports all designs based on improvement of energy performance,

• Targets minimising the use of all inputs and energy, prefers natural and reusable materials and energy sources as far as possible,

• When applicable or when possible to introduce into its activities, minimises, ensures the recovery of or takes precautions to render harmless its wastes,

• Carries out studies to increase profitability and efficiency,

• Aims to establish ergonomic and healthy working environments to eliminate work accident risks,

• Respects the laws, cultural values and ethical codes in all domestic and foreign regions of activity and establishes open communications,

• When necessary, transmits to and/or requests from the public and its customers, suppliers and employees information concerning customer satisfaction, environment, energy, food safety, work health and safety,

• Commits not to share personal or institutional information of its customers with third persons, in loyalty with the principles of confidentiality.

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