Our R&D Vision

Our R&D Vision

The Research and Development department, at which many formulation and laboratory trials are carried out and the research and development on quality on existing products is continued, strengthens the power to the "Source of Taste" and "Source of Innovation" of Pınar. The success of R&D, which is the vital point of Pınar, increases every year by newly developed products. The department, which follows up the Turkish Food Codex and competitors, develops pre-technical solutions for any type of problem, which may be encountered during production.

At the departments, at which about one thousand alternative trials of formulation and laboratory trials are carried out annually and research and development on quality of existing products are conducted, the requirements of the consumers is taken into consideration; new products are developed in line with the industrial advancements in the world and improvement works of existing products are continued. With the R&D works of Pınar, yearly about 40 new products are offered to the consumers.

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