We Take Good Care of the Community

“Not me, ‘we’ are here!”

Selçuk Yaşar
Honorary Chairman

As Yaşar Group, we regard the health and safety of our consumers and customers as our first priority; we aim to add value to their lives through our products and services. Each of the companies of our Group are subject to different product/service information provisions and labeling rules depending on the nature of the sectors. We act with the conscience that our responsibility is beyond the aforesaid rules and by regularly measuring customer/consumer satisfaction, we take remedial actions. The most important instrument of providing and constantly improving operational perfectionism within the community is our management systems such as quality, food safety, environment, customer satisfaction and energy.

Our market surveys, the expectation and demands of our customers, areas that will create superiority in competition and our cost improving practices gives direction to our innovation and R&D studies that provide valuable outputs particularly on the economic and environmental foot of sustainability.

For the sustainability of agriculture and livestock and for the qualitative production of food in sufficient amounts, we combat against climate change, we strive towards preserving economic profitability of agriculture and livestock activities. While conducting producer support programs, we also pay attention to laws and regulations on animal welfare.

Apart from the social investments carried into effect by our companies, Yaşar Education and Culture Foundation, Selçuk Yaşar Sports and Education Foundation, Pınar Institute and Yaşar University also develop projects for increasing social development and welfare.

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