We Take Good Care of Our Environment

“Every industrialist and intellectual should not only tend towards economic development, but also towards the human being and their environment.”

Selçuk Yaşar
Honorary Chairman

Climate change, population increase and the rapid depletion of resources bring about environmental risks. The “water method”, “energy and climate change” and “waste management” that we determined within the scope of our sustainability approach are the areas of priority of our Group.

As a result of the carbon footprint calculations made on a corporate basis involving the 10 companies of our Group, our target to reduce per unit ton of production by 15% until 2020 has been declared. As of 2015, our greenhouse gas inventory management system has been completed and put into implementation.

Our projects on water/waste water management assessment and water efficiency improvement opportunities at the 4 facilities chosen from the different sectors and water basins in which our company operates have been carried into effect.

A successful waste management and recycling comes at the top of the effective solutions in the utilization of efficient resources. Our Group companies, which utilize packaging materials throughout the lifecycle of our products that will create the least waste and will cause the least harm on the environment, maintains its innovative practices that involve the recycling of industrial wastes and constantly keeps its practices up to date.

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