We Take Good Care of Our Business

“To follow the path of science, to produce the best and to develop! You see, this is why we’re here.”

Selçuk Yaşar
Honorary chairman

The natural outcome of taking good care of business that first comes to mind is economic performance. A successful economic performance is really only an outcome, one of the most important building stones of the ground covered in order to reach this outcome, transparency, is an understanding of corporate governance conducted within the framework of responsibility towards the stakeholders, fairness and accountability. As Yaşar Group, which shows respect to social values within the geography in which we are active, we function in accordance with the rules of business ethics within the scope of ethics and accord and we pay regard to transparency. In this aspect, our Business Ethics Rules Manual acts as a compass for all employees. We attach special importance to the issue of risk management and anti-corruption, which is the indispensable supplement of successful economic performance. We define the risks, we keep track of them through analysis and control. Throughout this entire process, stakeholder dialogue, communication methods and communication frequency with our stakeholders and our cooperation with a great number of non-governmental organizations in order to contribute to regional and sectorial development finds expression in direct economic value that we produce.

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