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Pınar Kido

Kido milk prepared to make little children to like milk and to gain the habit of consuming milk and dairy products, is the first and only milk with fruit puree of Turkey. Depending on its type, it is made of cocoa, banana and strawberry puree. KIDO the healthy and nutrient product, which mothers can make their children drink securely, is a source of energy and calcium for children.

Pınar Children

Most of the physical and mental development of the children is completed within the 1st to 6th years of age interval. The emotions, reactions, mental abilities, language skills, social relations are developed within this period. Accordingly, the dietary habits of the children in this age group influence whole of their lives. Pınar Milk for Children enriched with vitamines and minerals, supports the diets of children in this period with its triple support formula including calcium, zinc and B12.

Pınar Fish Farming

Pınar Fish, the first fish farmer and branded fish in Turkey, has started a movement to raise awareness of the consumers!

Any question about fish farming submitted over the web site www.kulturlubalik.com will be answered by expert engineers within 24 hours. You may ask your questions by clicking the link www.kulturlubalik.com or review the answers of the previously asked questions.

Pınar Su

In all over the world, natural water resources are polluted and exhausted quickly. Pınar evaluating idle resources of our country and introducing its consumers the first packed natural spring water in Turkey offers today natural mineral waters obtained from Madran, Çamlıca and Toros springs under the brand Pınar Yaşam Pınarım to the appreciation of its consumers in Turkey and in countries, which it exports to.

Pınar Fish

Shock freezing is the best method to conserve food. Pınar freezes the sea foods obtained from their natural environment under reliable conditions in a hygienic setting using the state of art technologies and offers them in durable packages. The sea foods with preserved nutritional value, that are the resource for Omega-3, reach your table in the most delicious state every season.

Pinar Practical Flavours

To prepare meals quickly and impressive thanks to Pinar Practical Flavours will be the fastest assistant.


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