We Take Good Care of Our Employees

“Success; is only possible through well established staff, well administration of these staff, morale motivation.”

Selçuk Yaşar
Honorary Chairman

During all kinds of human resources processes such as recruitment, compensation, performance management, and training and development, equality of opportunity is provided for the employees at Yaşar Group without making any discrimination. Child employment is not allowed, while providing suitable working conditions for our employees, special significance is given to strengthening women employees.

As much as giving importance to the professional development of employees, Yaşar Group also continues its trainings for the continuation of their personal developments. Also, in order to be supportive of both its employees as well as their families, it conducts training studies on frequently encountered diseases.   

All conditions all fulfilled at our companies for ensuring occupational health and safety, our employees are both trained and inspected in order to prevent possible occupational accidents and occupational diseases that can emerge.

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