Since its establishment in 1973, PINAR has positioned itself as a leading brand in the food industry and offers select products for those discerning consumers who are looking for the highest quality.  Over the years, it has produced an extensive range of products to meet growing consumer demand in the dairy, meat and soft drink sectors.  The company closely follows global trends in line with its spectrum of products to maintain its leading market position. In Turkey the PINAR name is known for its innovation in introducing new products to the market.

The parent, Yaşar Holding Food and Beverage Group, operates with over five thousand employees and incorporates the companies of PINAR Dairy, PINAR Meat, Yaşar Integrated Marketing, Çamlı Animal Food and Livestock, PINAR Water and PINAR Food.

In these increasingly competitive times, it is recognized that all companies need to establish strong brands, offer consumers their preferred product choice, generate sustainable profits and open up to international markets.  

However at PINAR, priority has been given to focusing on the needs of the consumer and building confidence in the uncompromising quality of the products. Since the start, the ethos has always been to introduce the products as a source of health, taste and innovation.  Generations have grown up over the years identifying the PINAR name under the Spring of Life concept.  As this Spring has emerged, grown and developed, so too have the three elements of health, taste and innovation, which have stayed at its core.

PINAR has been the first brand in Turkey to focus on the health benefits associated with milk and dairy products.  As the variety of products has increased over the years, the company has stayed true to its core values. Now as it becomes a leading regional player, PINAR sees its key sector products in dairy, meat and water, being selected as the consumers’ preferred brand, not just in the domestic market, but also in a range of countries worldwide. The trust in the PINAR name has now spread beyond Turkey’s borders to a wider range of destinations, including Germany and countries in the Middle East and Turkic Republics.

One of the most important criteria of a successful brand is being able to maintain the consistency of the brand identity and to reflect its shared brand values, especially as a company branches out into new activities and looks to diversify into a new range of products. Initially PINAR emerged as a strong brand in the milk and dairy sector. However over time the company has also realized a wide range of accomplishments in other areas of the food industry in Turkey.  These achievements include the development of the first healthy long-life milk, the first ready-to-serve mayonnaise, the first cream cheese, the first frozen meat products, the first packaged turkey products and the first non-returnable bottled drinking water.  PINAR has always paid the utmost attention to ensure that each item in its wide product range conforms to the PINAR image, as well as enhancing and preserving the brand in its entirety.  

Now PINAR is recognized for its brand, as the most trusted and highly rated for consumer satisfaction within the dairy, water and meat sectors. PINAR also represents Turkey in positioning Turkish products abroad, and participates in the Turquality Project, which has been developed by the Turkish Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade and the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly and Exporters’ Association, to enrich the image of Turkish products globally and to introduce high quality Turkish products to the world stage. 


- Pınar Milk was selected as the most popular company in the milk and dairy sector in Turkey, as researched by GFK and Capital Magazine under the title of Favorite Turkish Companies.

-  Pınar Meat received a plaque of appreciation in the large-scale enterprises category of the 3rd Green Dot Annual Press Awards.  This category of the Çevko Green Dot Industrial Awards recognizes publications which prioritise news on environmental issues.

-  Pınar was selected for a prime Business Award in the Most Popular Brand Management category and the Best Utilization of Social Media category by Ege University Business Club.

-  Pınar Children’s Theatre, with its repertoire of performances since 1987, was awarded the Silver Stevie Award in the category of European Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year.

-  The 35th Annual Pınar Painting Contest was recognized for its work in increasing primary school children’s interest in fine arts and painting, with the awarding of a silver Stevie Award in the category of Media Relations - Communication Campaign of the Year.

-  The Pınar Range of Distinctive Cheeses won a silver award in the graphic design category of the Crescent and Stars Packaging Awards in 2015.

-  Pınar Water was awarded a certificate of appreciation in the large-scale enterprises category at the Çevko Green Dot Industrial Awards, in recognition of their work in implementing Preventative Applications to Decrease the Use of Resources in Packaging Design.

-  The Pınar Milk, Izmir Factory, was recognized for its work in reducing energy density by 65% across the entire food and beverage sector, when they won the 15th Industrial Plant Award for Energy Efficiency, following a competition organized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

-  Pınar Labneh Cheese was awarded the Gulf Product of the Year Award in 2015.

-  Pınar Fish was selected for the Supreme Flavour Award in a blind tasting competition organized by the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI).

-  The Pınar Go Family design won a bronze award in the graphic design category of the Crescent and Stars Packaging Awards of 2016.

-  Pınar Yoghurt with its on line campaign, received two Crystal Apple bronze awards at the 28th Crystal Apple Competition for Digital Campaigns in Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Social Media categories.

-  Pınar Pistachio Breakfast Cream received the Winner Award in 2016.

-  Pınar Pistachio Breakfast Cream, which is a new product, won the 2016 Category Champion award at the 10th Global Dairy Innovation Awards, highlighting excellence and innovation in the world dairy industry, as well as awarding leading brands, ambitious new companies and products.

-  The Pınar Painting Contest was recognized with a silver award at the highly prestigious Stevie International Business Awards, dedicated to social responsibility projects undertaken in the business world.

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