Powder Pudding With Cacao

Pınar Cacao Pudding with its renewed taste is offered now in a new package and weighs 135 g!
Contained in 100g
(100 gr için)
Energy 112
Carbohydrate 18 
Protein 3
Fat 3,1
Pınar Puding Kakaolu
Pınar Puding Kakaolu
125 g

The only thing you need for a ideal thickener of Cacao Powder Pudding is 750 ml of Pınar Süt . Experience the happiness of preparing your beloved ones with nutrient milk puddings and of offering tasteful desserts. If you look for a different flavour, our recipe for pudding “Kadayıf” is just for you. Pınar Cacao Pudding, the indispensable of those, who want to enjoy the taste of real dessert at home!

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