Pınar Follow On Milk with Honey

It is a product containing honey developed considering the nutrition requirements of infants older than 1 year and little children.

Average Energy and Nutrient Items (100 ml)
Energy (kcal / kj) 63 / 263,5
Protein 2
Fat 3
Lactose 4,9
Prebiotic Fiber 0,8
Vitamin C 14
Niacin [B3] ] 755
Folic Acid 15
Riboflavin [B2] ] 120
Vitamin B6 105
Thiamine [B1] ] 75
B12 Vitamini 0,135
Vitamin A 60
Vitamin D 1,5
Pantothenic Acid [B5 ] 300
Biotin 1,2
Vitamin K 4,5
Vitamin E 1,1
Calcium 85
Zinc 0,9
Iron 1,05
Iodine 10,5
Potassium 95
Natrium 35
Chlorine 94
Magnesium 9,4
Phosphor 50
Copper 39
Selenium 1,1
Manganese 40
Fluoride 3
Pınar follow on milk with honey 200 ml
Pınar follow on milk with honey 200 ml Pınar follow on milk with honey 200 ml
200 ml 500 ml

Follow On Milk with Honey

• It is enriched with 13 vitamins and 13 minerals in line with the Communiqué on Follow-On Formula for the Turkish Food Codex.
• The value of the protein has been reduced to the protein value of the mother milk. The product does not contain any table sugar.
• The sweetness of the product is provided with honey, the lactose, which is a natural milk sugar and glucose.
• Beside being a source of energy, as it contains carbohydrate, the honey is also rich of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Further, it supports the metabolism in functioning properly with its affects on the gastric and digestive system.

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