Pınar Kido Triangular Cheese

"Pınar Kido Triangular Cheese" is an enjoyable cheese developed for children only and is an excellent choice for mothers who care about healthy growing of their children.

Energy and Nutrition value (For a portion of 12,5)

Energy 33,2/139
Protein (g) 1,52
Fat (g) 2,87
Carbohydrate (g) 0,32
Calcium (mg) 75
Phosphor (mg) 71,5
Vitamin B2 (mg) 0,03
Vitamin A (mcg) 42,5
Vitamin D (mcg) 0,1
Pınar Kido Triangular Cheese
Pınar Kido Triangular Cheese
120 Gram

It is a perfect solution for mothers who want their children like to eat milk and diary products but want to be sure about healthy nutrition of them. Children like taste of "Kido Triangular Cheese" very much and have fun while eating. It will also support their healthy nutrition.

It has a colourful, entertaining package and different taste from classic triangle cheese. It includes D, B2, A vitamins and high ratio of calcium and phosphor. These features make it an enjoyable and also a nutritious meal for children.

Pınar Kido Üçgen Peynir helps tooth and bones strengthen with its high ratio of calcium and phosphor. D Vitamin increase absorption of calcium and phosphor through tooth and bones. A2 vitamin strengthens immune system and B2 supports body development of children.


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