Akçaabat Style Meatball

For garlic fans!

Nutritional Values ​​for 100 grams
Energy(kcal/kj) 243/1017
Protein (gr) 14
Fat (gr) 19
Carbohydrate (gr) 4
Pınar Akçaabat Style Meatball
Pınar Akçaabat Style Meatball
400 g

Akçaabat Meatball is a legendary taste originating from Trabzon's Akçaabat region...

In Akçaabat Meatball'a savouring fragrance lies the unique matchless aroma of fine minced garlic together with meat.

Whenever you crave for Akçaabat Köfte, you may enjoy this mythic taste, at home, with Pınar Akçaabat Style Meatballs.


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