Apricot Nectar

The taste of real fruits...
Nutritive Values
Enerji(kcal/kj) 52,66/220,3
Protein (gr) 0,12
Fat (gr) 0,02
Carbohydrate (gr) 13
Pınar Apricot Nectar 1 lt
Pınar Apricot Nectar 1 lt Pınar Apricot Nectar 200 ml
1 lt 200 ml

Pınar Apricot Nectar does not contain any preservatives, colouring agents or additives. It offers the taste of natural apricot fruits: Pınar Apricot Nectar is offered in 1 l and 200ml alternatives.

Apricot, a fruit which is rich on vitamins A, B, C and P is nutritious and appetizing. As it contains plenty of iron, it is good against anaemia.

It strengthens the body, helps to remove physical and mental fatigue.


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