Pınar Gourmet Soudjouk

Pınar Gourmet Soudjouk is a special soudjouk, at which the taste hits the top and which is obtained from the blend of the most qualitative beef shank along with special spices.
Contained in 100g
Energy(kcal/kj) 402 / 1663
Protein (g) 18
Fat (g) 36
Carbohydrate (g) 1,5
Pınar Gourmet Soudjouk
Pınar Gourmet Soudjouk
250 g
  • The Gourmet Soudjouk is made by chopping the beef with armour and not by mincing the meat like in other soudjouks.
  • The Gourmet Soudjouk obtained by this method, which increases the taste of the meat, reaches its top taste with the special spices. Şölen Soudjouk with garlic and cumin made of 100% beef is dry-processed for about 1 week until the rate of humidity is taken down under 40% level. Thus, it does not reduce by wastage in refrigerator after having opened the package.
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