Pınar Mayonnaise is the first mayonnaise in Turkey, which is prepared with the ingredients in your kitchen. It offers new solutions in its 255 Gram, 420 Gram and 650 Gram package.
In 1 table spoon 20g
Energy (kcal/kj) 145 /606
Protein (gr) 0,20
Fat / (gr) 16
Carbohydrate (gr) 0,14
Pınar Mayonnaise 420 g
Pınar Mayonnaise 420 g Pınar Mayonnaise 650 g Pınar Glass Mayonnaise 500 Gram
Mayonnaise 420 Gram Mayonnaise 650 Gram Glass Mayonnaise 500 Gram
Pınar Glass Mayonnaise 250 Gram    
Glass Mayonnaise 250 Gram    

• Pınar Mayonnaise brings taste to your dining tables with its most natural way by the material of reliable quality. Turkey’s first mayonnaise Pınar Mayonnaise is offered to you in plastic (420 Gram and 650 Gram) and glass (250 Gram 500 Gram) bottles.

• Pınar Mayonnaise does not contain any additives and preservatives and can be consumed with fried potatoes, pastry, chicken, meatball and fish. Beside this, it is indispensable for salad dressing, sandwiches and hamburgers.

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