Butter in Folio Pack

"Butter in Folio Pack" family is offered in three different weight in Grams: in folio packaging of 1 kilogram,500 Gram,  250 Gram and 125 Gram.

Besin Değerleri 100 ml için
Enerji (kcal/kj) 61.8 / 259
Protein (gr) 3.1
Yağ / (gr) 3.4
Karbonhidrat (gr) 4.7
Kalsiyum (mg) 120
Butter in folio pack 1 kg
Butter in folio pack 1 kg Butter in folio pack 500g Butter in folio pack 250 g Butter in folio pack 125 g
1 kg 500 g 250 g 125 g

Pınar butter offered in 1 kilogram Folio Pack for those, who do not give up the taste of butter at breakfast, at dinner or pastries will be your saver in the refrigerator. You can put any part into the sub-shelf of the refrigerator and kept the rest in the deep freeze.

For a more practical use, Pınar Folio Packs of butter in 500 Gram, 250 Gram and 125 Gram will be your secret of taste in the kitchen and the indispensable food of your breakfasts.

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