Pınar Kido

Pınar Kido is a brand for children, which offers nutritious and delicious products that are indispensable to mothers who desire to feed amusing and healthy food to their children. It creates a world that is always amusing and teaching for children under the slogan "Pınar Kido adds amusement to milk" and introduces children to the most innovative, entertaining, and colourful Kido world. Pınar Kido continues to ensure that children are delighted when they drink Kido milks with the most delicious and different taste while enjoying courageous Kido's adventures. Pınar Kido's milks with strawberry, banana, melon, and water melon aromas as well as chocolate and cacao make children healthy. Its nutritious puddings and cheese containing calcium and phosphorus offers children those benefits mixed with amusement.

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