Pınar Brand Values

Pınar has offered consumers the products which are a source of health, taste and innovation since its establishment. It has used the most modern technologies in production. It has invested in people. It has made no compromises on quality in its products and systems. It has been one of the most trusted brands by consumers with perfectionist studies continuing for 40 years.

Increasing competition in the national economy makes the necessity of creating strong brands important than ever for companies. The basic condition of opening to the international markets, being a brand preferred by consumers and providing sustainable profitability is to fulfill the requirements of being a brand. Brand is a value which can be created by the organizations that transfer their promises correctly to consumers and perform them on time and tend towards the communication activities with a serious strategic planning.

About Pınar's brand values and mission

Pınar, introducing the first privately owned long-life milk 40 years ago to Turkish consumers, has established the contact it has made with consumers on the basis of promises that it has been always sure to fulfill through the years. It has reaped the fruits of such an attitude by becoming one of the best, most popular, most memorable and most preferred Turkish brands.

The most important criteria of being a successful brand is to be able to also carry the same brand identity under the same consistency in new fields entered after the first activity and to reflect the common image of the brand to diversified products. Pınar, arising as a milk and dairy products brand, has made the first of many in different areas of the food industry. Pınar, offering the first healthy long life milk, ready-made mayonnaise, cream cheese, frozen meat products, packaged turkey products and one way bottled water to Turkish people, has paid attention to keep each member of the wide range of products it possesses under the umbrella of Pınar image and maintained the overall brand image by expanding it.

Pınar, that is a mega food brand of Turkey with quality, health and flavor mission in all products offered to consumers, redefined the brand mission and renewed its visual identity in 2000. Pınar, redefining a brand mission and vision in light of the findings obtained by fixing the perceived values in accordance with the research conducted with consumers and by detecting position and image of the brand in the minds of consumers, has decided to add the values like warmth, youthful spirit and masculinity to the brand by preserving the existing positive values such as freshness, confidence, motherhood, purity as a result of this study.

The surveys conducted among consumers have shed light on the re-creation of Pınar's visual identity along with Pınar's prominent brand values such as motherhood, innovation, purity / naturalness in addition to the newly added values. Pınar's new logo has integrated Pınar's size, strength, dynamism and history with contemporary lines of the future. The new logo also means Pınar's healthy, good quality attitude that inspires confidence and its opening to the global world. All packages have been reconsidered with logo and designed to reflect the brand and its mission and values. Pınar has led all communication activities so as to explain consumers both this change and new values. Product development and new product studies have also been re-discussed in line with the brand's mission. Products have been developed and launched under Kido trademark to create a particular image of dynamism and youthful spirit.

Leading Brand Pınar: According to the tracking reports of GFK Research Company, Pınar is the first brand that comes to mind with the share of 39% in the food industry. It has been identified as having the highest brand values in criteria such as Reliable Brand, Quality, Modern, Sincere, Expert and Tasty.

Pınar, My Source of Health 
Pınar firstly considers the human health. It does not compromise on health, hygiene and naturalness. It always supports healthy life and cares about the life with a high level of quality. It is Pınar's main mission that all children are brought up in a healthy manner since the first day.

Pınar, My Source of Pleasure
Pınar produces every product in the most appropriate way to the tastes of consumers. No matter what it produces it does not appear before consumers without creating the most delicious products. Consumers share this brand offering such flavor with their families and loved ones. Relations based on the trust between Pınar and its consumers giving way to Pınar's products in their most beautiful moments and every moment of life are reinforced with every new product and continue by being strengthened.

Pınar, My Source of Dynamism
Pınar always makes production in line with consumer demands and requirements. It tries to offer new flavors sought by consumers and innovations facilitating life and adding value to it.

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