Our Social Responsibility

We produce in line with an approach that values the environment and the nature, and contribute to create a future better than today. With the awareness of our social responsibility, we continue our tradition to contribute to modern training and education, sports, culture and art, for increasing the quality of social life.

Pınar contributes to social welfare and the life quality of individuals with its social responsibility projects. The company, performing studies for education, sports and art at the social dimension of sustainability, launches and continues projects concerning projects for all segments of the society. Pınar produces values for the whole society with the direct and indirect employment opportunities it has created, its investments, its supply of goods and services and the taxes it pays as well as its products. Moreover, Pınar considers its continuous support and contribution to culture and arts as an indispensable tool for the principle of paying back to the society. The Pınar Painting Contest and the Pınar Children’s Theatre are among the the social responsibility projects that the company has been continuing for long years.

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