Scientific Article Award

Scientific Article Award

Today, health problems arising from unhealthy nutrition are increasing day by day and individuals are becoming more vulnerable in this respect.  Believing that the studies developed with a scientific method aimed at raising healthy individuals for a healthy society will bring much better outcomes in practice; Pınar Institute aims to reward scientific studies performed in the field of food, health, and nutrition, and to play a motivating role for researchers for new studies in this field. It also believes that innovation and improvement efforts on new technologies should be publicized, supported and encouraged at the social level and set an example.

In order to contribute to the healthy development of the society within the scope of social responsibility, Pınar Institute conducts its activities within the framework of its mission to support scientific projects, to take part in informative studies and to carry out educational activities, for non-profit purposes with no connection to commercial activities.

The Scientific Article Award, which is one of the activities of the Pınar Institute, is awarded to published in peer-reviewed articles in fields of food technology, the relationship between nutrition and health (hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, etc.) and food safety chosen by taking into criteria of contribution to science, social benefit, applicability. It is aimed to act within the framework of the mission of "supporting researches and training activities in order to contribute to the healthy development of the society" which is one of the main aims of the Institute and to encourage the researchers and the studies to be performed in the future by supporting studies carried out in above mentioned disciplines.

The articles submitted to the Pınar Institute Scientific Article Award through, are evaluated by members of the Assessing Board who are experts in their fields, and the results are announced to the public with an Award Ceremony.

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