About Pınar Institute

Pınar Institute, which was established with the purpose of raising the awareness of the public on issues of food, health and nutrition with an understanding of social responsibility and to contribute to the healthy development of the community while at the same time being a non-profit institute without having any commercial activity, started its activities on 13 June 2013.

Our mission is to provide aid to scientific projects, to be present within the information networks and to carry out training activities in order to raise public awareness on the issues of food, health and nutrition and to create awareness on living a high quality life.

Our greatest goal is to be a point of reference in the area of food and nutrition.  

Today where we require awareness both on a social and individual level in the areas of food and nutrition that have a direct effect on human health and quality of life, the information that will enable us to acquire this awareness being reliable is more important than anything else. Whereas, providing reliable information is the responsibility of all segments of the community from non-governmental organizations to public institutions, from private enterprises to academicians. Pınar Institute is in an endeavor at this point to fulfill its responsibility towards the society.

Pınar Institute, which began its activities in order to help raise awareness of the society on correct nutrition, implements practices that will help create consciousness and awareness for individuals in regards to issues of food, health and nutrition that will enable consumers to obtain scientific and reliable resources and as a corporate citizen, promotes an influential cooperation between disciplines in these areas.

Pınar Institute, which carries on its activities through practices such as conducting scientific studies, organizing trainings, providing aid to the studies and trainings performed, publishing the research results and being present in the information networks; consists of the three main organs the Advisory Committee, Board of Directors and the Institute Directorate.

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