3 million liters of raw milk is processed, 500 different tasty milk products are distributed to 35 different countries.

Pınar Dairy exports 17.5% of Turkey’s milk products. It has created a 500 thousand person ecosystem in Turkey with its factories in Izmir, Eskisehir and Sanliurfa. With a supply chain of over 20 thousand milk producers, it processes 3 million liters of milk and milk products a day.

Founded by the visionary Selcuk Yasar 50 years ago, as the first modern industrial initiative of Turkey, Pınar Dairy produces healthy and high quality products. Pınar Dairy was the first to create projects that supported the dairy farmers in the country, and with the dairy farmers’ hard work, produces many different products including Labne and other different cheeses which are exported to 35 different countries.

As the leader of the dairy sector, in addition to their factory in Izmir, Pınar has factories in Eskisehir and Sanliurfa enhancing Turkey’s dairy sector. Pınar Dairy’s Chairperson Idil Yigitbasi noted that with more than 20 thousand milk producers they process 3 million liters of raw milk everyday thus bringing new life to the milk producers in the regions they operate.

Idil Yigitbasi continued to note that they export 17.5% of the milk products of Turkey, they will continue to be the leading producer of milk products in the country by processing healthy fresh milk into cheeses, butter and other quality products. Pınar exports its tasty products to 35 different countries in the world including UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan. USA, TRNC, North African (Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Morocco) countries, Turkic Republics (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan ), Georgia, Russia, the EU, and China are among the markets that buy Pınar products. Last year Albanian, Swedish, Sierra Leone and Thai markets were added to the list.

She said with the knowledge that we are supporting the growth of happy, healthy generations across the globe, we continue our work in producing quality products. We have created an ecosystem of 500 thousand persons that consist of our producers, distributors and workers in the processing plants of 3 million liters of raw milk coming from 20,000 milk providers.

On this World Milk Day, Chairperson Idil Yigitbasi said that for the past half century, in order to develop dairy farming in Turkey, they have initiated educational programs, and other activities to further expand the production standards. The Pınar Institute created 8 years ago the project “Our milk is in the hands of knowledgeable farmers” is actively giving courses to producers over 8 thousand in 14 different cities in the country. The courses include animal health, animal feeding and hygiene. In order to understand the needs and expectations of the farmers, we started the Young Farmer profession and personal advancement program. From these programs we have learned that we need younger farmers in the sector in order to advance and renovate the production and technology.

Since the day of our foundation, our work ethic has been through sustainable relationships we have formed with our farmers, suppliers, sales force and all of our workers in production. I thank all of our colleagues in the sector and congratulate them on this June 1, World Milk Day.

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