We are aware of our responsibility towards future generations; we use our resources efficiently, we work to make use of all opportunities for savings.

Combat against Climate Change

As Yaşar Group companies
we aim to reduce our carbon footprint
by 15%
until 2020.


As Pınar Dairy we were the first among
the companies to willingly respond to the
Carbon Disclosure Project – CDP Climate Change Program.

We succeeded in being one of the companies to rank in 6th place in
the transparency category with a rating score of 95B within the CDP
rating methodology.



Water Consumption and Waste Water


Throughout the entire Pınar Meat factory we reduced our total water consumption in 2015 compared to the previous year by 12,7% unit ton, while reducing it by 5,9% per product


With our Bursa Facility with recyclable packaged natural spring water opening in December 2015, we increased our recyclable product capacity by 70% at Pınar Water.


By reducing package weights at Pınar Water, we decreased the level of wastes and carbon emission by means of carrying more loads with less fuel.



With the brand of Pınar we are continuing our social projects of contribution non-stop in the areas of art, sports and education.


In the area of art;


We have been reaching out to more than 3 million children all over Turkey since 1987 through the Pınar Children’s Theater.
With the Pınar Painting Competition we have been striving to increase children’s interest in painting and fine arts since 1981. 


The 49.255 paintings participating in the painting competition that we organized in 2015 with the theme “My Family and I” gives us more courage to continue our support we provide to works of art. 


In 2015, we received the Silver Stevie Award in the category of “Social Responsibility Program of the Year in Europe” with the Pınar Children’s Theater; the Bronze Stevie Award in the category of “Communications Campaign – Media Relations of the Year” with the Pınar Painting Competition. 


In the area of sports;

Each year around 1.000 children benefit from doing sports at the Çiğli Selçuk Yaşar Facilities under the sponsorship of Pınar.


In the area of education;


With the “Future of Our Milk is in Conscious Hands” Project carried out by Pınar Institute, we provided training to over 5.000 producers of raw milk.

With the “Future of Our Milk is in Conscious Hands” Project, we were deemed worthy of winning the bronze award at the Stevie Awards in 2015 in the category of “Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year in Europe”.


With the “Let’s Move by Having Fun, Let’s Have Healthy Diets” Project, we aim to make children at young ages gain a conscience for a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.


With the support we gave as Pınar Dairy for the “Little Things Renew the Nature” Project, we gave environmental training to around 6.000 children at 13 schools in Izmir until June 2015.



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