12,5 g

Nutritional Value

Nutritional Values (100g)

Nutritional Values (12,5g)


671,5 / 160,5


Fat (g)



Carbohydrate (g) 5 0,6
Protein (g)



Calcium (mg)

312(%38 BRD)


BRD: Nutrition Reference Value

Pınar Cheese Triangles Light

Pınar Light Cheese Triangles are a practical snack for people on the move. Any time, any place – at school, in the office, on a picnic – these tasty triangles are ready to be carried around with you for that little extra something. Inside each pack is a smooth spreading cheese, equally delicious whether eaten for breakfast at home or in the great outdoors.  Pınar Light Cheese Triangles are also loved for their versatility; try using them as a tasty topping for canapés and sandwiches.

Aimed at the discerning, health conscious consumer, Pınar Light Cheese Triangles are the perfect choice for anyone dieting, looking for that lower fat content, counting calories or simply wanting to stay in shape. Each light triangle possesses the same delicious flavour and consistency as the fuller fat version. 

Pınar Light Cheese Triangles each weigh 12.5g and each pack contains 8 portions.

Pınar Light Cheese Triangles should be stored at 4 to 10°C and have a shelf life of 12 months.  

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