Turkish type ravioli

An indispensable dish of Turkish Cuisine from Pınar.
Besin Değeri Saklama Koşulları
Kare Mantı
Besin Değerleri (100 g için)
Enerji(kcal/kj) 285 / 1205
Protein (gr) 17
Yağ (gr) 5
Karbohidrat (gr) 43
Kayseri Mantısı
Besin Değerleri (100 g için)
Enerji(kcal/kj) 288 / 1219
Protein (gr) 15
Yağ (gr) 4
Karbohidrat (gr) 48
Kare Mantı
Kare Mantı Kayseri Mantısı
400 g 400 g

Pınar continues to offer its consumers new products, which can be prepared at home with tastes they know.

Pınar Kayseri Mantısı (Turkish type ravioli from Kayseri) brings famous tastes of Kayseri cuisine to the tables of its consumers. Pınar kare mantı (Turkish type ravioli with a square form) offers more taste of minced meat thanks to its shape.

Both products will take their place on the shelves with 400 g pouch packages. Thanks to the cut hole on the package, consumers will be able to see also the product .

Always keeping customer satisfaction above of everything, Pınar aims to get the appreciation of its customers with these two products and wants to be their choice of preference.

• It does not contain bean curd.

• IQF Quick Freezing technology

• Does not contain preservatives.

• 20 minutes cooking time.

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