270 g

Nutritive Value

Nutritive value: (for 100 gr)
Energy (kcal/kj) 1067/254
Fat (gr) 10
Carbonhydrate (gr) 27
Protein (gr) 14

Turkish Cheese Lasagna

Now with ‘Pınar Turkish Cheese Lasagna’ you can easily maintain the delight of a hommade layered pastry in only 25 minutes. With its delicious cheese and butter taste, ‘Pınar Turkish Cheese Lasagna’ is a complete substitute for the homemade one. By having all the times at your fingertips, you can confidently serve it to your guests during breakfasts, teatimes or whenever you want.

Very Delicious:

As delicious as homemade Böreks with thin dough and rich filling.

Very Practical:

Ready to eat in 30-35 minutes. Can be cooked in its own carton tray on a metal grate.

Very Safe:

The ingredients fit Pinar quality standards. Does not contain preservatives. Fresh like to first day due to IQF technology.

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