Triangular Cheese Light

Practical taste, you can take everywhere (at school, office or picnics) with you and can eat easily.

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Portions (g) 12,5
Energy (kcal/kj)   20,3/84,9
Protein (g) 1,3
Fat (g) 1,5
Carbohydrate (g) 0,4
Calcium (mg) 39
Triangular Cheese Light
Triangular Cheese Light
8*12,5g: 100g Light 

"Pınar Triangular Cheese" varieties are produced with full-automation from delicious natural cheese. Offered in 4 different types, half-fatty, full-fatty 15 Gram, full fatty 25 Gram and light, "Pınar Triangular Cheese" is offered for sale in packages of 12.5 g, 15 Gram and 25 Gram, each with 8 portions of cheese.

Light "Triangular Cheese" is suitable for those being on diet and those who prefer less fatty and low calorie products. It is consumed mostly for breakfast either at home or out of home and can be easily spread.
You can eat this cheese almost everywhere, thanks to its easy to handle and being practical, and use for sandwiches, as well.

If stored between +4 and +8˚ C, the shelf life is one year.

If you do not give up the taste of Pınar Triangular Cheese and keep yourself fit, than you can consume our Pınar Triangular Cheese Light product.

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