Sliced Cheese for Toast

The unique taste for your hamburger, cheeseburger, sandwich and canape is now in practical packages with advanced ‘open-close’ function.
Nutritive Values
In 100 g
Energy (kcal/kj) 285.7 /1195.4
Protein (gr)


Fat (gr) 22.5
Carbohydrate (gr)


Calcium (mg) 568
Phosphor (mg) 397
in 1 slice of 6 g
Energy (kcal/kj)


Protein (gr)


Fat (gr) 1.35
Carbohydrate (gr) 0,14
Calcium (mg) 34.1
Phosphor (mg) 23.8
Sliced Cheese for Toast 700 gr
Sliced Cheese for Toast 700 gr Sliced Cheese for Toast 700 gr 56 sliced
700 Gram 350 Gram

Pinar sliced cheese is produced from high quality cheeses and it gathers its aromatic taste from different tastes of cheese and special production techniques. It is up to you to create practical meals using this delicious cheese.

If you take the slices out 30 minutes ago before using them, you can separate slices easily. Pinar, offering delicious tastes to toast, sandwiches and canapé, is in a new packaging of 700 Gram in addition to 350 Gram.

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