Strained Yoghurt

Pınar Strained Yoghurt will an essential part of your meals with its creamy texture and irresistable taste.
Besin Değerleri 100 gr için
Enerji (kj) 349
Enerji (kcal) 83
Yağ (g) 3
Karbonhidrat (g) 3,5
Protein (g) 10,5
Strained Yoghurt
Strained Yoghurt
Strained Yoghurt 650 Gram

With Pınar Strained Yoghurt you can cook the most delicious meals, make the best salad dressings; or you can simply enjoy it plain or with added fruit.

The newest member of the Pınar Yoghurt Family, Pınar Strained Yoghurt, is now available to you in packages of 650 Grams.

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