Organik Yoghurt Mini

Pınar offers the single consumption 100 g Organic Yoghurt, which will save mothers to make yoghurt at home, feed their babies, children when outside of the home /at home with healthy food.
Besin Değerleri 100 gr için
Enerji (kcal/kj) 76.3/319.2
Protein (gr) 4.2
Yağ / (gr) 3.5
Karbonhidrat (gr) 7
Kalsiyum (mg) 165 (%20.6 RDA)
100g x 4
100g x 4
100g x 4  

Pınar expands its Organic Yoghurt family. Beside Pınar Organic 800 g yoghurt, it is now also in a 100 g x 4 practical package!

While your baby enjoys eating the Organic Yoghurt, you will be relaxed of having fed your child with a healthy food.

Vegetable Mash With Pınar Organic Yoghurt Ingredients -100 g Pınar Organic Yoghurt

-5-6 leafs of spinach

-1/2 small carrots

-1 small slice of celery

-1/2 apple


Wash the vegetables thoroughly.

Boil them in boiling water for 5 minutes.

Prepare a puree of each individually.

Put a spoon full vegetable from each puree into a bowls.

Squeeze the apple by a juicer, add a spoon full apple juice to the vegetables.

Add the Organic Yoghurt. Stir it thoroughly.

Your puree food is ready.

Recommended for infants over 6 months.

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