%100 Apricot - Apple Juice

The tastes of apricot and apple have met in Pınar 100% peach-apple juice!
Pure Peach - Apple Juice Nutritive Values
Energy (kcal/kj) 53,14/223
Protein (gr) 0,72
Fat (gr) 0,06
Carbohydrate (gr)


100 Apricot - Apple Juice
100 Apricot - Apple Juice
1 lt

Apricot-apple juice does not contain any sugar additives. It is offered in 1 l packages.

Apricot, a fruit which is rich on vitamins A, B, C and P is nutritious and appetizing.

As it contains plenty of iron, it is good against anaemia. It strengthens the body, helps to remove physical and mental fatigue.

The apple rich on Vitamins B, C and E, helps to protect your body against heart and coronary diseases. It helps to reduce cholesterol level and constipation, eases digestion.

Its beautiful smell relaxes and lowers blood pressure, calms down.


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