%100 Peach - Apple Juice

The tastes of peach and apples have met in Pınar 100% peach-apple juice!
Pure Orange Juice Nutritive Values
Energy (kcal/kj) 53,14/223
Protein (gr) 0,72
Fat (gr) 0,06
Carbohydrate (gr)


%100 Peach - Apple Juice
%100 Peach - Apple Juice
1 lt

Pınar %100 Peach-apple juice does not contain any sugar additives. It is offered in 1 l packages.

Peach which is a fruit rich on vitamins B and C and potassium calms down nerves and is good against insomnia. It helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and cares for the orderly working of the kidneys and in dissolving kidney stones. It removes breath odour, moistens and vitalizes the skin.

The apple rich on Vitamins B, C and E, helps to protect your body against heart and coronary diseases. It helps to reduce cholesterol level and constipation, eases digestion. Its beautiful smell relaxes and lowers blood pressure, calms down.


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