Milk, which is the main source for calcium that is fundamental for bone development and body formation, contains almost all vitamins and elements that are important for human health. Some people complain of intestinal or stomach gas formation after drinking milk. The reason for this is that they cannot digest milk sugar, i.e., lactose. Many individuals, without being aware of this condition called lactose intolerance, continue consuming milk or give up drinking it.

There are communities worldwide that cannot digest lactose, i.e. milk sugar. Studies conducted show that the Turkish people are one of such communities. About 10% of the Turkish population do not have the physical nature tolerating lactose. The section where lactose is a problem is mostly adults.

Pınar Balance Non-Lactose Milk ensures that milk is easily digested in virtue of its special formula without lactose. Pınar Balance Non-Lactose Milk ensures that individuals who cannot digest lactose and cannot benefit from the nutritional values of milk drink milk without any inconvenience, without intestinal gas formation.

It strengthens the natural balance and the immune system of your body. Pınar Balance Calcium+Vitamin A, D, E Milk is the new spring of vitamins and health developed for you by Pınar.

The Balance Calcium + Vitamin A, D, E Milk is semi fatted. It is enriched by the vitamins A, D and E and contains 42% more milk calcium.

Calcium is the keystone of the bones, of the formation and the development of the skeletal system. It is also a mineral supporting blood clotting and which the body needs for the neural system and the regulation of the pulsation. The lack of calcium causes the body to take calcium from the bones, which in turn results in bone loss in time.

Lack of calcium is frequently seen in women of middle age and above and users of coffee and cigarette.

Vitamin D is produced by our body when sunlight is contacted with the skin and used for the absorption of calcium. Even if we are well-balanced, we cannot meet our need for vitamin D with food. This lack of vitamin causes osteolysis. Rachitism seen in children is a result of such lack. This situation increases the risk of osteoporosis with adults.

Vitamin A is needed for the growth and repair of body tissues and to strengthen the eye-sight. Further, it softens the skin.

Whereas vitamin E helps to the formation of red blood cells and the sound functioning of the muscles and other tissues. It reduces the affects of aging. Semi-skimmed milk is a light alternative for those who care for their health and who want to stay fit.


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