Fresh Kashkaval

Pınar Fresh Kashkaval is your helping hand and delicious assistant for meals, breakfast and all kinds of your offering to your guests...
In 100 g
Energy (kcal/kj) 337 / 1410
Protein (gr) 23,3
Fat / (gr) 26
Carbohydrate (gr) 2,5
Calcium (mg) 78,5
Phosphor (mg) 500
Pınar Fresh Kaskhaval 500 gram
Pınar Fresh Kaskhaval 200 gram Pınar Fresh Kaskhaval 400 gram
200 Gram 400 Gram 400 Gram 700 Gram

Fresh Kashkaval is a natural cheese variety made of pasteurised cow milk and has semi-hard nature. Pinar Fresh Kashkaval offers unique taste to your toast, pizza, macaroni and breakfast. Pinar Fresh Kashkaval is offered to sale in 200 Gram, 400 Gram and 700 Gram  packages which have ‘easy to open' function.

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