İnegöl Style Meatball

İnegöl Style Meatball

Nutritional Information 100 g
Energy(kcal/kj) 269/1125
Protein (gr) 15
Fat (gr) 20
Carbohydrate (gr) 6
Pınar İnegöl Style Meatball
Pınar İnegöl Style Meatball
390 g

Turkey's most famous meatball!

The taste of this mythic meatball, said to be brought along to Turkey by Balkan Turks who immigrated to Bursa's İnegöl town in early 1900's, has been cherished by generations for 110 years.

Its taste comes with the harmony between a fair amount of spice and a mixture of lamb and veal.

İnegöl Köfte, the taste and form of which is really hard to get, is now at your tables with its genuine taste, thanks to Pınar.


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