In Pınar Feast Hot Sujuk, high quality veal is blended with special spices under Pınar’s expertise. The hot taste of Feast Hot Sujuk, blended with special hot peppers from Kahramanmaraş, is for those who look for the real hot taste.

Pınar Feast Hot Sujuk, in order to get the best taste, is dried for one week until the moisture rate is under 40%. Thus, it does not shrink in the refrigerator after the package is opened.

It is mostly favoured by everybody for years with its unique taste created by the mixture of high quality meat and special brand spices. As the mixture does not contain hot red pepper, it can be consumed securely by children.

Pinar Classical Soudjuk, made of beef, is dried for approximately 1 week until its humidty drops below 40%. Consequently, it does not lose weight by drying in your refridgerator after being opened.

It has been widely admired for its unmatched taste for years.

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